Friday, July 1, 2011

This is a recent conversation with Michael that i would like to share:

Michael: "We should get a cute furry little animal"

Alexis: "But you hate animals...they poop and they stink"

Michael: "I know but we should get something cool"

Alexis: "Like a bunny or a hamster?"

Michael: "No."

Alexis: "Dog? Cat?

Michael: " a hedgehog."

This is what I have to deal with people! First and foremost, hedgehogs are illegal in like 3 states and Arizona is one of them. They have crazy restriction rules that make it difficult for even a zoo to get one. Wierd right? So here are our options: #1 Find the closest hedgehog breeder (top of Colorado) and smuggle it in to Arizona. Cost: $250-350 for animal + the cost of gal. Option #2: Have hedgehog shipped to New Mexico and pick it up. Cost: $250-350 for hedgehog + shipping ($500-600) + gas.

Do you get where I am going with this people? Impossible! This is an impossible demand which hubby has placed before me. We cant have a hedgehog okay? You think he would be satisfied with a cute little chinchilla but no..

In his defense they are really cute...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today I was reminiscing about the day I got married. Its crazy how slow time goes by. I know that I'm SUPPOSED to say that it seems like its going by so fast but man i feel like its been a hundred years! 4 months=4 hundred years. Remember that my fellow engaged friends.

Now I know that it sounds like I am complaining but this is not the case. Being married is oh such a delight. Seriously how hunky is my husband? Who could complain when they are married to this good looking man? This is more of a fact than a question.

Speaking of which I'm going to now upload some of my most favoritest pictures of the two of us.

One word. Dorky.

Still disturbing after all this time.

Party on the Balcony-Michael, Me, Suzie

"I think I found something!"

Engagements with Sydney-"Whats going on back there?"


Monday, June 27, 2011

Confession Session #1.
-If i had all the money in the world do you know what I would buy? Ill tell you what I would not buy.. I would not buy a new house, or fund my husband through school, I would not travel to Paris, or buy a new car. NO. I would buy tons and tons of fabulous junk at goodwill. And then I would spray paint til' my hearts content. Spray painting is so fun. You stand outside in the Arizona heat and sand your chairs until your arms fall off (no we do not have an electric sander) then you wash your furniture, prime it, paint it. The whole process can take forever. And when its done your sad because you know that Mandi and vintagerevivals could do it so much better. At the end you wish that you never have to see another can of spray paint again, that is until the next day when a new project begins to emerge in the corners of your mind. Have I mentioned my husband hates me? He doesn't let me spray paint because apparently we are "broke" PSHH. Buzz kill bad husband!

Before .. Im ugly and sad :(

Look! Im shiney and new :)

Unfortunately I only have this picture of my table..

  • Kilz primer (the only kind to use)
  • Rustoleum spray paint in slate blue and antique white
  • Fabric: Joanns-on sale
  • Behr faux glaze in white